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    A New Rock Musical

    Apr. 3-12, 2020

PUMP UP THE VOLUME: A New Rock Musical

Book & Lyrics by: Jeremy Desmon

Music by: Jeff Thomson

Produced in collaboration with RWS Entertainment Group


April 3-12, 2020
Preview: Thursday, April 2
Highmark Theatre at Pittsburgh Playhouse

ASL Performance: April 10 at 8:00 PM

The year is 1990. In a sleepy Arizona suburb, a fire rages in the desert night.

It is the static and the hum of Hard Harry, a raucous, no-holds-barred Pirate Radio shock jock, anonymously ranting through every boombox in a five-mile radius. In a town where teenagers are to be seen and not heard, “Hard Harry” is an underground powerhouse who fights the man, howling into the hearts of disaffected youth every night on the FM dial.

But once the rock-and-roll cover of night vanishes, “Hard Harry” is simply... Mark Hunter, a shy outsider at Hubert Humphrey High. With no friends and an inattentive father, Mark’s only solace is the nightly broadcast where his words won’t fail him. His world shatters when a local stranger calls into the radio show, announcing his plans to commit suicide. Though Mark tries to console the caller, it’s too late.

What should be an opportunity to unite through tragedy turns political as the powers-that-be—including Mark’s police lieutenant father—make the anonymous radio pirate their scapegoat. And so, with a

community demanding his head and desperate teenagers seeking his guidance, Mark must decide whether he should sign off for good... or pump up the volume.

Adapted from the 1990 movie of the same name, PUMP UP THE VOLUME is a story about finding your voice. As relevant today as when it was first released, PUMP shares an inspiring story of hope: there is no amount of empty air we can’t bridge, if we can only find the courage to speak… and, ultimately, the courage to listen.